Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shortbread, breakfast cookies, or what?

Remember these?

I remember as a teenager, I lived on these. I would eat them with coffee or tea in the morning, and snack on them when I got home from school. My mom worked and I would come home alone, snack on these and do my homework. It was the mid 70s in South Florida and I watched the alligators and boats in the inlet behind our home as I drank tea and snacked. The slight almond flavor rocked my world. They were slightly dry, flaky, crispy, yummy and filling.

Well, it's been way too many years since I've had anything like them until yesterday. I found Aunt Gussie's sugar-free, gluten-free Vanilla Spritz cookies. And as I sat in the parking lot at the local AJ's Supermarket, I was magically transported to our back yard in Florida, watching the ducks float on the water behind our house, feeling my hair frizz from the humidity and snacking once again on the same almond, crispy goodness. They may not look like the original, but the taste is so very close. (Yes, I was sitting in my car. When I find something this promising, I can't resist. Gluten free? Sugar free? Why wait? Rip it open and dive in, that's my motto.)

These are yummy little bites that must be eaten with coffee or tea. Serve them to guests and they'll thank you, and they won't realize they are gluten free or sugar free until you tell them. I had never heard of them before and although they are a bit pricey ($7), I will save them for special occasions, or when I'm longing for a walk down memory lane. Now, if I could only fit into the shorts I was wearing back then...

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jacobithegreat said...

Ooh, I've seen these before and was unsure of how they'd be. I'll totally try them now!

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