Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pine Nut Pizza

Pine nuts are something I always try to have in the house. Why? I love them and they add so much to a dish. Add it to a pasta dish for a wonderful flavor change. I also add it to pizza and veggies. Roast them a little in a pan before sprinkling on top of most dishes and it looks and tastes so much better.

Just the other day, Daughter and I split a gluten-free pizza crust from Gluten Free Creations. What to put on mine? Aha, just a little parmesan, fresh parsley, sprinkle of mozzarella and a few pine nuts. Okay, a lot of pine nuts, I do love them so. You could probably use half as much and be happy with that.

I pre-bake GF Creations pizza crusts for about 10 minutes so that the baking time is cut in half. After cheese and toppings are added, it only needs another 10-15 minutes for a crispy, yummy pizza.

It's a quick and yummy snack, and with the addition of the pine nuts, I feel as if I've made something gourmet and special. And hey, I deserve that and so do you, dear chef.



Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie! Just saw your comment over on my page and wanted to come over and see what you were up to. I think you may also be on the GF/veg yahoo group now that I think about it...

This pizza looks yummy. Although my husband would call it froo-froo and not eat it. That is why we now each make our own pizzas, so that I can put whatever I want on mine! I will have to try this some time soon.

Thanks for visiting!

comma girl said...

Great, nice to see another veg/gf group member. Hope we can learn from each other, I'm always looking for something new! Froo-froo pizza, that's too funny. But my husband doesn't eat it either, so I'm not laughing that hard!

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