Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pizza on the Fly

Since there are very few places we can head out to for a slice of pizza, what's a GF girl to do when she wants a slice? What if I don't want to make an entire pizza? What if I want it now, not after making it myself and letting it proof, spread it out, etc.?

I found the answer, at least here in Phoenix. Visit Gluten Free Creations (glutenfreecreations.com) in Phoenix and buy their Italian Pizza Crusts. There are 15 or 30 in a bag. They are individual sized, or enough for two if you eat a little at a time. I've been breaking them in half lately and baking the equivalent of one slice of pizza lately. It's the perfect size, and since I keep them in the freezer it breaks right in half very easily.

Why, other than their convenience right out of the freezer, do I like them so much? They taste great. They are crispy around the edges with the right amount of chewiness and just the right amount of oregano inside. They work with any topping and can be baked in about 10 minutes, no mixing involved. Tonight we had five teenagers hanging out and ordered pizzas, I baked mine in 10 minutes and we all had pizza together.

Some of my favorite toppings...
+ cheese and tomato sauce
+ red onion, mozzarella and toasted pistachios (try it, it's very good)
+ garlic, tomatoes and spinach
+ mushrooms and spinach
+ roasted corn and spinach

It all depends on what you like, as I'm sure you know dear Chef. I make sure to put the pizza in the oven on a large cooling rack. This way it's not touching the oven rack and it still gets the heat all the way around.


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Valerie (m.) said...

That sounds fabulous!!

My usual quick GF pizza is the Bette Hagman quick pizza crust recipe. It's not the best-tasting pizza crust I've ever met, but it is insanely quick. I can mix up a batch of batter faster than my oven can pre-heat; then you pour it into a circle on a cookie sheet, and it bakes fairly quickly. But these pre-baked ones sound great too!

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